The primary school and early secondary school years are a crucial time during which children acquire coordination and complex technical skills. If they play several games or sports during this period they can develop significant physical advantages over children who don’t experience or engage with sport. Tennis in particular provides countless physical benefits for children at an early age. It develops their hand eye coordination, gross motor control (through court movement and ball striking), fine motor control along with balance and body coordination all while building leg strength, agility and flexibility.

Tennis also promotes overall good health in children, helps develop improved bone density and strength, and a robust immune system. Ask children what their favourite sport is and few if any will say tennis. Have them play and most if not all will thoroughly enjoy it

We will be utilizing foam balls, age specific rackets and nets. Rackets are to be provided by parents/guardians. We are not a tennis academy but our program will provide an introduction to the sport and regular opportunities to play. Private lessons and programs can be expensive, our program represents an opportunity.

Doing physical activity to improve cardiorespiratory fitness in childhood is directly related to the structure and function of the developing brain. But one of the most fascinating and newly discovered benefits of childhood exercise is one hidden inside our skeletons. Studies have found that bones & muscles retain a “memory” of early life exercise that lasts well into adulthood even if exercise patterns change. Tennis is a sport that can be played throughout one’s life well into the retirement years. Our tennis will take place on-site and at a nearby park.