Why Choose Us!


Most of our teaching staff have been with us for many years and have extensive experience caring for young children. Our teaching staff are registered Early Childhood Educators and are members in good standing with the College of Early Childhood Educators. As owner operators we use a direct hands on approach concerning the day to day management of the centre, regularly offering support while monitoring activities and programs.

Kinderland Education and Childcare Centre offers programs, music activities and terrific play areas. We also realize that children need to feel comfortable in a setting that is a home away from home. They will need to rest for a good part of the day and be entertained. They will need to feel and be safe, learn as much as their ages will allow, stay clean, have fun and eat well. If you do enrol your child he or she will likely spend many hours a day here for weeks, months or years, We encourage potential users of our services to visit, meet staff and ask questions.


Kinderland Education and Childcare Centre provides a play area that is large and partially sodded providing a unique play space where children are able to connect to a natural environment. We are not located in an area where various other businesses or organizations allow users to access common space and where automobiles create a distraction. Near our playground you will find mature trees that create a pleasant environment and provide shade on warm sunny days. A child’s connection to the natural world often results in a sense of wonder, in the nearby nature area children can often spot a squirrel, chipmunk, woodpecker, cardinal, blue jay or duck. The children will cross a small wooden bridge through this space to access the play area. The playground is also ideal for certain water play activities.

Many experts suggest that connecting to the natural world contributes to physical, mental and emotional well being. Providing daily opportunities as we provide here (weather permitting) helps to strengthen these connections. Children enjoy environments where they can investigate, imagine, run, build and work together. Our playground provides such an environment with it’s space and materials. With a child’s improved fitness, chances of obesity are greatly reduced and children become more engaged in the classroom.

Connections between physical & emotional well being:

Our play area will allow the children to engage in vigorous play and that will also present manageable levels of challenge. In addition to providing physical benefits, active play outdoors strengthens functioning in cognitive areas such as perception, attention, creative problem solving and complex thinking. Through active play and physical exploration children can gain increasing levels of independence.

Our children that attend may view their playground as places for discovery as it provides open ended materials to encourage building, creative problem solving as well as foster imagination. We have put much effort to adapt our outdoor environment to help support the varied capabilities of children to ensure all have equitable opportunities for active outdoor play.


Kinderland Education and Childcare Centre uses a four week rotating menu. Our goal is to offer healthy menu items that children like to eat. Almost all food items are bought directly by the operator who checks for freshness and quality. Fresh fruit and vegetables are regularly served along with delicious main lunch courses including pasta dishes, vegetable dishes, chicken/turkey dishes, rice and a variety of tasty nutritious soups. Having nutritious meals does not have to be boring for the children! We introduced a Mexican lunch theme with one of our meal days; serving mild salsa, cheese, rice, meat and tacos. We offer a vegetarian version of all meals and can reasonably accommodate restricted diets. We also have a B.B.Q near the end of Summer of which the children (and parents) enjoy.

Focus on a child's health

There is evidence that early experiences have an impact on a young developing body. Positive experiences will strengthen a child’s physical and intellectual capacities.

Kinderland Education recognizes and puts into practice patterns of eating, regular physical activity and sleep (if age appropriate) that contribute to a healthy lifestyle later in life.

We understand the importance of family and the influence it has on a child’s development. We are in alignment with family values and recognize, respect and encourage the teachings and guidance that results from the home. Families are the cornerstone of children’s progress.


The daycare is housed in a large stand alone building. It has three spacious classrooms of which have large windows providing an abundance of natural light. It has high steeple ceilings that quite simply are not often replicated in modern construction. Our windows have the option of opening allowing fresh air when days allow.

All classrooms will be air conditioned as well. The kitchen is on-site which allows the serving of fresh meals and snacks. The building is under 24 hour per day video surveillance; cameras are clearly identifiable and are placed throughout the facility. Our office is near the cubby area and access to the Supervisor can be made with ease.


From time to time we will have live music performances for the children that will provide an opportunity for the true sound of an instrument to be heard. It is an experience that will connect the performer directly with the audience. Performances will often include the use of various types of guitars and piano. We have an upright piano on site that the children will gather around.

The children are intrigued and engaged during these performances, they will also have an opportunity to try the instrument themselves and have it make sounds. Our goal is to have them discover the beauty and art that is part of live music.

Singing and music is an important part of our culture, music is present in many aspects of our lives and is sometimes part of family culture. Though music seems ever present, there is something special about hearing a live performance as the sounds and experience cannot be replicated by technology. Children are eager and excited when they see someone play and make music. Many parents now understand that music can positively impact child development.

Why Our Children Need To Get Outside & Engage With Nature:

Children are keen observers and are amazingly creative. We occasionally introduce new materials for children to work with and create. Our children have created some amazing things in the play area with items such as branches, leaves and bark. Developing an understanding and love for nature is a good thing as children may then care for its survival, it can lead to a sense of greater awareness while encouraging participation in quality pastimes.

It’s not so much what children know about nature that’s important, as what happens to them when they are in nature (and not just in it but being allowed freedom to explore, play and create). More children today are interested in the natural world than ever before; they watch it online and on television but fewer and fewer children are experiencing it first hand, on their own or with friends.

Outdoor time produces significant improvements in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning ability, creativity and mental, psychological and emotional well-being. Free and unstructured play in the outdoors boosts problem solving skills, focus and self-discipline. Socially, it improves co-operation, flexibility, and self-awareness. Emotional benefits include reduced aggression and increased happiness. Children will be smarter, better able to get along with others, healthier and happier when they have regular opportunities for free and unstructured play outdoors.