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Frequently Asked Questions

When considering childcare you have a right to ask plenty of questions, and we will be happy to answer them. However, some of your questions can only be answered when you stop in for a visit. Meantime, we invite you to look around and find the answers you need to make the right choice for you and your child.

Do I have to provide food for my child?

Snacks and meals are provided and prepared fresh daily by our full time cook. You are not required to provide any food. Acting reasonably, we can accommodate and alter our meals for children with certain allergies and/or religious observations. Restricted diets must be discussed with our supervisor upon registration.

What happens if my child has an accident?

Serious accidents are a rare occurrence, however if an accident occurs ann accident report will be completed by staff and the parents/guardian will be called and informed of these events. Should urgent medical treatment be required Emergency Medical Services will be called.

Do I have to keep my child home if he/she is sick?

Yes. The childcare centre is not the place for a sick child. Many illnesses are contagious. Just as you would want to protect your child from other sick children, you must do the same for them. Having a sick child attend Daycare along with it's stimulating environment is not in the best interest of your child's well being.

Does my child have to be toilet trained?

No, your child does not have to be toilet trained. When your child is ready we will work with you in developing his/her independence.

Can my child celebrate his/her birthday at the centre?

Your child's birthday is a special event. Parents are welcome to bring in a treat (cupcakes, cookies, cake, etc) for your child to share with his/her friends.
PLEASE PROVIDE A RECEIPT indicating the source of the food item. Other party favors are not necessary. Please do not bring in snacks containing nuts as this can cause severe allergic reactions in some children.
Food served to the children at the centre must be from an "approved source". An approved source is a food premise that is inspected by the appropriate federal, provincial or municipal inspection agency. It is important to note that food that is made in the home of a parent, volunteer or staff member is not an approved source, and is not to be served to the children.

Do you provide class pictures?

Once a year a photographic studio visits the centre to take individual and group photos. Parents will be advised of the date and will have the option of placing an order.

What if my needs change and I require care for different days?

We can accommodate, availability permitting and with two weeks written notice.

Could my child be abused at the centre?

One of the benefits of licensed childcare is the constant supervision. We have taken great care over the choice of our staff, all staff is required to provide a recent criminal reference check provided by the police department. It would be highly unlikely for a person to act improperly. You can be confident in the safety of your child.

Is my child required to nap while at the centre?

Each child under six is provided an individual cot which is labelled with his/her name. The child is encouraged to nap and is offered an opportunity to do so. If the child is not able or willing to nap he/she will take part in quiet activities. Most children under the age 5 nap while at the centre.

When do I get a receipt?

Receipts are provided to everyone and are generally issued at the end of the calendar year. We will provide receipts upon your child's withdrawal or upon your request.

Can you provide care for families who receive Childcare Financial Assistance from York region?

Yes, we do have a Purchase of Service Agreement from the Regional Municipality of York. If you are approved for assistance you may visit us and we will assist in facilitating enrolment.

How can I obtain information about tuition?

Tuition varies by individual classroom and by level of attendance. To find out more information about tuition please contact the centre directly.

What is Kinderland Education and Childcare Centre's process for checking the background of their employees?

Kinderland Education and Childcare Centre requires all teaching staff and volunteers to provide a criminal reference check. We typically ask for and check references to further ensure we hire the right applicants.

Can the children have additional servings of food if they request?

Yes, absolutely! The portions are generous, extra servings are available to them if they would like.

Do staff hold up to date C.P.R and First Aid designations?

Yes, staff and management are required to hold such certificates.

Are there any field trips for the children?

Yes, we are happy to provide field trips for the children. Our most popular is an excursion to a hobby farm located north of our centre. They are able to see the set up and materials of a small farm while safely interacting with farm animals. Other trips include visits to the library and water park. Written permission from parents/guardians is required for the children to attend field trips.