10103 Keele Street, Maple
Ontario, L6A 1R7


Kinderland Activities

Creative activities

such as arts & crafts, drawing and painting

  • Help develop self esteem
  • Encourage children to plan, organize and follow instructions
  • Help in developing social skills i.e. Show and Tell presentations
  • Provides opportunities to explore, feel and create.

Science/Nature Centre/Cooking Activities

  • Requires children to collect data through the use of five senses
  • Promotes environmental awareness
  • Helps children develop an understanding of physical concepts related to size, shape, volume, floating & sinking, full & empty, measuring, cause and effect.

Dramatic Play

  • Encourages imagination and teamwork
  • Assists in the development of social skills
  • Promotes the development of language
  • Prop kits will be used for weekly themes i.e. Post office, Grocery store, Hospital, Restaurant, Hair/Barber Salon and more

Cognitive/Manipulative Activities

Use of puzzles, games, tracks & other attachment type materials

  • Helps develop hand eye co-ordination, finger dexterity and hand control
  • Helps develop a child's independence, concentration and self esteem.
  • Provides opportunities to work independently or with others

Language activities

Will provide children an opportunity to

  • Make use of puppets, felt boards
  • Listen to stories and ask questions
  • Participate in small group activities
  • Engage in play matching and memory games
  • Draw pictures for discussion
  • Present at show and tell

Library area

  • Quiet, comfortable area for children to read
  • Variety of books to choose from
  • Radio and listening stories
  • Puppet shows from time to time

Music & Creative movement activities


  • Self expression, creativity and fun
  • Children to rhyme and create musical sounds

Gross motor/Gym activities

  • Promotes physical fitness
  • Helps develop co-ordination and balance
  • Includes both indoor and outdoor activities including ball playing

Math Activities

Our programming will

  • Introduce and teach basic math skills
  • Make use of number games and activities
  • Explain simple addition and problem solving
  • Have children measure, connect dots and make use of flash cards
  • Have children determine sizes and shapes


Our programming will

  • Teach basic writing skills
  • Have children write the alphabet
  • Make use of flash cards and simple worksheets
  • Encourage children to be proficient in writing their name

Block Play


  • co-operation
  • teamwork and
  • creativity